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Ever pondered how much embryology looks like fruit (and a nut)?




- inspired by s submission here

Update: For those of you wondering about the pear. It is indeed a buddah shaped pear. You can grow your own buddah pear (or square watermelon, or heart-shaped cucumber) using specially designed moulds. Purchase your buddah pear mould here!!!



  • the first parts of the body’s defence system are the barriers that attempt to stop pathogens entering the body
  • the skin- a physical barrier that stops pathogens.
  • clotting- If the skin is broken, platelets in the blood help blood to clot and stop the entry of pathogens.
  • sebaceous…


Thought I would do a little synopsis of all the biochemical tests we need to know for foods!

Proteins: Add sodium hydroxide to make solution alkaline, copper (II) sulfate solution, positive result means it turns from blue to purple.

Reducing sugars: Add Benedict’s Reagent and heat, positive result means turns from blue to brick red.

Non reducing sugars: Boil with hydrochloride acid to break down into monosaccharides, neutralise by adding sodium hydrogencarbonate, then repeat test for Reducing sugars. Should again turn from blue to brick red.

Starch: Add iodine dissolved in potassium iodide. Positive result means colour change from orange to blue/black colour.

Lipids: Shake the test substance with ethanol for about a minute, pour into water. Lipid will show up as a milky emulsion.

Hopefully that clarifies things a bit! If not then next time I will try harder :’) have a great day! Stay strong people!